Now that we’ve learned about quality commenting from Mrs. Yollis and her students, here are a few places for you to try writing a quality comment:

Sentence Frames as Comment Scaffolds

Comment Scaffolds by Tracy Watanabe

What blogs would you add to this list?

What scaffolds do you use to help write comments?


What does it mean to be a “good citizen”?
What does it mean to be safe?

Internet Safety by Tracy

Behavior Expectations

When I was growing up, there were expectations my parents had of me for my personal safety:

  • Ask permission before going somewhere.
  • Don’t talk to strangers. — (With the exception of my parents/entrusted adult being aware of the conversation.)
  • Ask for help when I need it.
  • Be polite and use good manners.
  • Help others when I can, and add to their lives.

These are the same expectations I have of my own children for their interactions in our physical community and our digital communities.

How can we be “good citizens” and safe on the Internet?

How can we be safe on the Internet?

Click here to watch a BrainPOP video about Digital Etiquette to find answers to these questions.

Photo Credit: Brain POP via Compfight

Creating Blogging Guidelines

Blogs often have Guidelines about the expectations for safety and digital citizenship. Visit these examples and decide what is strong or important on these:

What do you think we should include on our Guidelines Page?
How can we be “good citizens” on the computer?
How can we be safe on the computer?